How Pho Hoa became Pho Ta

Spring roll at Pho Ta. MICHAEL KLEIN /

Comes a time in a franchisee's life when he wants to strike out on his own and do things his way.

Which is where Luan Nguyen found himself last summer.

After five years at 1111 S. 11th St. (just south of Washington Avenue), Nguyen left the Pho Hoa fold and with a stroke of a pen, changed the restaurant to Pho Ta (that's "my way," roughly translated).

In doing so, he spruced up the interior and expanded the menu to include his family dishes - something impossible under the Pho Hoa umbrella.

There's a service bar for mixed drinks.

Pho Ta, 1111 S. 11th St., 215-755-4000

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