Cops: Man arrested for racial slurs, Confederate flag at Toby Keith concert


Why did he have to be from Delco?

A Ridley Park man was arrested outside of the Toby Keith concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, N.J., Saturday for shouting racial slurs and waving a Confederate flag at residents of a nearby apartment complex.

Darren T. Walp, 33, was tailgating in the parking lot of the concert venue when around 6:30 p.m. he decided to scale the large, wrought iron fence that separates the parking lot from the nearby Royal Court apartment complex, according to the Camden County Police Department.

Once he was on the private grounds of the complex, Walp began waving a Confederate flag at residents and "shouting very unsavory, unacceptable things at people," including racial slurs, said Michael Daniels, Camden police spokesman.

"He then tried to blend in and go back in with the concert tailgaters," Daniels said. "It's worth noting that when tried to get back in the concert parking lot he was arrested there."

Police said Walp's actions were unprovoked. He's been charged with harassment, disorderly persons, criminal trespassing and related offenses. Noticeably absent from the charges was public intoxication.

Daniels said he didn't know if Walp was drunk at the time of the incident, but we can only guess.

According to a release from Camden police, Walp remained in jail on $5,000 bail as of Sunday afternoon. In the release, police Chief J. Scott Thomson said he'll ask the U.S. Attorney's Office to review Walp's case for possible federal prosecution.

I wonder if Walp has looked in the mirror in jail yet and asked himself "How Do You Like Me Now!?" Maybe he can get Paula Deen to prepare him a home-cooked meal for him when he gets out.