A power player coming to 13th St.

Nicole Marquis at the counter of her HipCityVeg on 18th Street, a wild success since its April opening. (Michael Bryant / Staff Photographer)

An orange liquor-transfer sign is up at the long-shuttered Full Moon Saloon at 131 S. 13th St., and public records ID the applicant as a company controlled by real estate powerhouse Allan Domb.

Domb would tell me only that he bought the building and that it came with a liquor license.

Word on the street is that Nicole Marquis of HipCityVeg - the smash-hit vegan quick-serve located in a Domb property on Rittenhouse Square - is considering the spot.

Domb is no stranger to the restaurant business. He owns Schlesinger's Deli at 1521 Locust St. and is an investor in a few Stephen Starr restaurants, including El Vez (two doors away) Barclay Prime (located inside the Barclay, which Domb owns). I'm hearing that Starr is not a part of this project.

The Washington Square West building - a narrow, four-story, onetime rooming house squished between Vintage Wine Bar and a leather shop - had been on the market seemingly forever.

The building's former owner even erected a sign calling it "Thirteen Street Bistro" in an attempt to spruce up the vacant property.

Update: The pending license now bears only Marquis' name, so I stick by my belief that she is the tenant.