Cruz control

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

 I believe Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz believes in his principles as strongly as does Democratic Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis. Each used a filibuster in a futile attempt to change reality.

Cruz’s critics say he is positioning himself to run for president. Davis has already announced she’s running (in her pink sneaks) for governor.

Cruz droned on for 21 hours in opposition to ObamaCare. Davis yammered for 11 hours to oppose abortion restrictions.

In most of the media (meaning big-city newspapers and the broadcast networks) Davis was presented as a  determined heroine, Cruz a destructive clown.

Why? Because the media I cited have an undeniable liberal slant. Mostly they are not even aware of it because most of their colleagues share the same world view and see “facts” the same way. The same thing is true for talk radio, which is overwhelmingly conservative.

I criticize neither Cruz nor Davis, if they were indeed acting on principle.

It’s not a tactic I would use because I don’t believe in wasted energy and I do believe in compromise, whenever possible – but “whenever possible” is a judgment call.

I believe in compromise, which was the keystone of the Continental Congress. Compromise led to our country’s birth with the original sin of slavery (which was practiced by pretty much of the world at the time), but shameful in a land that promised liberty to all. Without the compromise, there would have been no United States of America. So, sadly, and to the anger of most Northern delegates, slavery was accepted, to be “fixed” 90 years later in our most costly war in terms of human life.

Sometimes seemingly futile battles are necessary. The defenders of the Alamo knew resistance was futile, but they signed their own death warrant to buy time for Sam Houston to raise an army to fight Mexico.

Two centuries earlier, at Thermopylae, a similarly outnumbered Greek force (7,000?) held off a substantially larger force (70,000+?) of Persians.

With all that said, when Cruz talks about the “millions of Americans who are suffering under ObamaCare” (note present tense) I have to say – What?

“Millions of Americans” hurt by a program that hasn’t yet launched? Yes, Tea Party friends, I am aware some people have seen their premiums rise, and some people have lost coverage of ObamaCare, but when Cruz says “millions,” he has to put up or shut up. And he can’t put up.

You can spin the shutdown to your liking, but I believe the GOP lost the actual war (achieving none of their goals) and the PR war (more people blame the right than the left).

This will harm the Republicans’ attempt to win the Senate (if voters remember this fiasco and the Democrats remind them if they don’t).