Kane agrees... with me

This is going to prove very unfortunate for about half of you, the half who have questioned my reason and my intelligence in insisting Attorney General Kathleen Kane has a duty to defend Pennsylvania law.

I say she does.

Who agrees?

She does.

Here's what my colleague Chris Brennan reported in the April 6, 2012 Daily News:

"A controversial bill to require women to submit to a transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion might stir those voters to action.

"Murphy and Kane oppose the legislation. Murphy says he wouldn't defend or enforce the law if it passes and if he's elected.

"He jumped on a Pennsylvania Cable Network interview with Kane last week, when she called Murphy's stance a 'dangerous proposition,' adding that the attorney general can't 'pick and choose' which laws to enforce."

I helpfully provided the underscore.

I say AG must defend the law, all Pennsylvania law. Kane says its dangerous to allow AG to "pick and choose."

Any further argument you have with my position, here in the Stu-niversity, should be directed to Ms. Kane.

Class dismissed.