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Why CNN at the Airport?

It's CNN (almost) everywhere and there's a reason for that.

Why CNN at the Airport?

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I like Philadelphia International Airport, in the main.

Corridors are broad, the place is clean (even the bathrooms, usually), staffers are friendly, there’s a good variety of places to eat, including local favorites like Chickie’s & Pete’s (crab fries!). You’re never far from a vendor or a bathroom.

Also, you’re never far from a TV screen either, which is something I don’t much care for and I wonder how many people need it for distraction. Passengers have books, magazines, newspapers (I hope), plus all their electronic devices — cell phone, Kindle, lap-top, iPad, etc., etc.

A neighbor who was disturbed by the volume of the TV asked the agent at a nearby desk to lower it and the agent said he couldn’t. He also couldn’t explain why the TVs all carry CNN.

My neighbor asked if I could find out.

Of course I can, and since he is a good neighbor, I did.

CNN has a one-year contract with the airport for a minimum of $90,000 a year with the option of three, one-year renewals, I am told by Airport Public Affairs Manager Victoria Lupica.

Gate agents do not have a remote control, so the channel cannot be changed and the volume is actually controlled by CNN from a remote location. Auto controlled variable sound levels are adjusted by the ambient noise of passengers.

The CNBC stores, and the restaurants, are not covered by the CNN contract, which is why you can see sports and Action News at those locations.

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