Friday, February 27, 2015

Torii Hunter's scouting report on Halladay

A Tiger's perspective of Halladay's spring debut.

Torii Hunter's scouting report on Halladay

Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)
Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

Last week I posted quotes from Phillies players who stepped in to face Roy Halladay in a live batting practice session.

A few people told me that, of course these players are going to speak highly of Halladay, he's their teammate. Point taken.

Halladay pitched in his first spring game today in Lakeland against the Detroit Tigers. He allowed one run on one hit in two innings, striking out two and walking none.

Torii Hunter was one of the players.

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The 37-year-old Hunter has played 16 major league seasons, all in the American League, where Halladay spent before joining the Phillies prior to the 2010 season. Here is Hunter's take on Halladay today:

Q: How did Halladay look?

Torii Hunter: "Filthy. He’s always filthy to me. He threw me a splitter. He rarely threw me a splitter or changeup when I faced him in the past. He’s totally different. I haven’t faced him in a couple of years. But he looks good. Fastball was sneaky. He had the ball sinking, cutting. He was in and out of the zone.

"This is the first start, right? If he gets better from here, it’s scary. Which you know you is. He’s a workhorse. Me and him, we’ve had battles in the past. Of course he’s came out on top more times than I did, but he’s a really good pitcher. I like him."


Q: His velocity look good?

Hunter: "Sneaky. Sneaky fastball. ... Late life. You see it and – whooooomph! So, probably 93 or something. But it’s sneaky, so it plays like 95."


Q: And the movement?

Hunter: "The sinker, the cutter, hitting the outside corner. Yeah he was there. No doubt. I mean, we had no chance. He looks like he’s already ready. It’s my second spring game, everyhting looks hard. He was filthy."

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