Philly's 'Do No Harm' off to a shaky start

Steven Pasquale portrays Dr. Jason Cole (right) and his evil alter-ego Ian Price (left).

The premiere of the first drama since CBS' "Hack" to be both set in Philly and filmed here did not go terrifically well Thursday.

NBC's "Do No Harm," debuting in the 10 p.m. time slot where "Awake," "The Firm" and "Prime Suspect" all met their untimely ends, averaged just 3.126 million viewers and only about 3 percent of the available audience of 18- to 49-year-olds, the group advertisers pay to reach, according to the preliminary Nielsens.

These are not good numbers, even in the how-low-can-they-go world of broadcast ratings. At 10, CBS' "Elementary" averaged 10.8 million viewers and placed second in 18-49 and ABC's "Scandal," with a bit over 8 million, won the time slot in the target demo.

"Do No Harm" stars Steven Pasquale ("Rescue Me") as a neurosurgeon whose alter-ego, while not a brain surgeon, is smart enough to make his life a living hell. Phylicia Rashad plays his boss, who works with him at Independence Memorial Hospital, much of which is located in the School District of Philadelphia headquarters.

Note: This post was updated to add the words "since CBS' "Hack" to the first sentence.