Clinton and Flexi-Screen Score CES Firsts for Samsung

Industry leader Samsung scored two "firsts" in its' keynote presentation at CES yesterday - with an appearance by the first U.S Presldent to ever "play" the Las Vegas super tech show and the unveiling of a product breakthrough with major consequences. Former President Bill Clinton capped the lavish Samsung presentation with a stump speech touching on innovation, environmental concerns and the need for gun control. But the bigger take-away for the geek gadget crowd was Samsung's unveiling of a super bendable, twistable, color OLED screen.. This breakthrough seems destined to inspire several new breeds of high value products, from e-readers you can roll up and pocket like a magazine or newspaper, to dramatically packaged audio and video players with wrap around display and control screens, to wearable wrist computers/smart watches that are sleek, light and comfortable. Depending on how Samsung chooses to play it, this flexible screen material could help the company immensely in its' marketplace fights with Apple or make the latter eternally indebted if Samsung opts to share the technology!