From the (Pea)Nut Gallery

When you write about religion, you can expect some feedback from the asylums. 

This week was no exception.

In response to my recent column about the birth control mandate, several irate readers (who apparently get newspaper privileges between electro-shock therapy)  took issue with my suggestion that the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment prohibited the government from forcing private organizations to directly or indirectly subsidize birth control if this violated their beliefs.

Here are some of the more colorful responses, and while it occurred to me to include full names and emails in case any of you were interested in corresponding with my 'friends,' I realize that postal rates to the Twilight Zone might be prohibitive.

From John R:

There is something wrong with you. Your religion is so far up your ass, you have a problem thinking straight. It's ok for priest to fondle little boys. It's ok for your sacred church to hide it for years. But YOU want to stop a woman from going to a pharmacy on a prescription plan and get birth control. You are seriously screwed up.  Stop forcing us to we [sic] sick like you. What a bitch.

(Blogger's note:  When you don't have profundity, use profanity)

From wwwd666:

It's hard to believe you're a lawyer.  Geez, in a country where, under the consitution, the courts are a co-equal branch of government, and they actually strike down a portion of ACA that YOU don't like.   THat's they way we operate.  If you don't want birth control, don't take it.  But don't have the audacity--or stupidity--to deny it to others who disagree with YOUR religious beliefs.

(Blogger's note:  I have neither the desire, nor the ability, to deny a woman birth control.  I do, however, have the right to keep her hands out of my pocket.)

From Wayne:

And the churches who is fighting this have issues in there self,especially the catholic church who hid outrageous sexual abuse and protected priest .wow and they now out rage ,instead they should be outrage at a culture of protecting priest and demonized  abuse  victims and we should listen to them!!!!!

(Blogger's note:  Global warming wasn't caused by the abuse scandal, either.  Stay on point, people...)

Thank God for emails.  I don't know what I did for amusement before.