Commenting FAQs

Want to comment on an article on It’s easier than ever with Disqus,’s new web-based commenting tool.
Joining the conversation is easy. If you already have a account you can simply click the login option in the comments section on any article and sign in using your current account. Please note that when logging in with a account a Disqus account will be made for you as well in order to allow you to take advantage of some new features available through Disqus commenting.
You can also chose to login with a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. Once you are logged in you are ready to join the conversation. Please keep it civil and remember that all existing commenting rules apply including that has the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason.

Please check out our FAQs below to help you get started should you need some assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account to leave a comment?
Yes. In order to leave a comment you will be required to login. You can login using your existing or Disqus accounts. You may also login using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.
How do I login?
If you have an existing account that you would like to use for commenting select under the Login menu or click on the logo within the comments section then log into using your account. You may also login using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account by selecting the desired login option under the Login menu or by clicking the corresponding icon. Please note that a pop-up window will appear when attempting to login. If you have a pop-up blocker activated in your browser you will need to allow pop-ups in order to login.
How do I manage notifications regarding comments?
Email notifications are sent when comments are posted on discussions that matter to you. You can modify these settings at Edit Profile or by clicking Edit Settings in any Disqus comment area. Learn more:
How do I subscribe / unsubscribe from notifications?
By default, you will receive notifications for all replies to your comments. You can also subscribe to entire discussions on which you comment at Edit Profile > Notifications > Personal Settings. Additionally, anyone can subscribe to individual threads via RSS or email in any Disqus embed by clicking one of the subscription links at the bottom of the embed. The option will change color to denote that you've been subscribed. Registered users can turn off new thread subscriptions at Edit Profile > Notifications > Personal Settings or from specific threads by clicking one of the subscription links at the bottom of the embed. The option will change to gray to denote that you've been unsubscribed.
How do I change my Disqus profile information?
You can change your display name, which appears next to their comments, as well as your bio, website, and location within your Disqus profile settings. Learn more:
How do I follow other users?
Following users is a great way to discover new content, and be part of the most recent conversations happening in your network. Many comments posted through Disqus are hilarious, insightful, or just fascinating to read. Following other users keeps you up-to-date with the latest news that's relevant to you. After you choose to follow someone, his or her activity will show up in your My Disqus tab and Dashboard activity stream (use the “Context” button to get the full conversation).
Can other users follow me?
Yes other users will be able to follow comments you make on other stories.
Can I block users from following me?
Currently the functionality to block followers doesn't exist within Disqus, you do have the option of making your activity on Disqus private. If someone is bothering you across multiple sites, making your profile activity private may help deter them in some cases. Making your profile activity private also prevents users from following your account. More information on making your activity private is available here.
How does voting work?
Below each comment there are up-vote and down-vote buttons which will add your vote to the tally. By default comments with the most up-votes will be at the top and comments with the most down-votes will be at the bottom. You do have the ability to change the method of sorting for comments.
How do I flag an inappropriate comment?
You can flag a comment by clicking the flag link to the far right of a comment. This will flag a moderator and let them know that it needs attention. Flagging a comment is only counted once per person; you won't need to do it multiple times. Generally, comments should be flagged for: spamming, violating’s commenting policy, or attacking other commenters personally. Generally, comments should not be flagged for disagreeing with the content or disputing with other commenters.
Do you edit comments?
No. In most instances your comments should appear on the site shortly after you submit the comment. As part of the moderation process certain words are prohibited and will result in a comment being flagged for review prior to appearing on the site. The use of hyperlinks will also result in a comment being flagged for review prior to appearing on the site. In addition, if a comment is flagged by the community it may be removed from the site. reserves the right to remove any comment at anytime.
Where can I find’s Commenting Policy?’s Commenting Policy is available on the following page: