Monday, February 8, 2016
The Philadelphia Inquirer
People who have been stunned with Tasers may be unable to understand Miranda warnings - and more likely to waive their rights or even give false confessions - according to new research by a Drexel University professor.
Organizers of the Mummers' Feb. 20 promenade down Main Street in Manayunk are concerned about a shortage of sponsors, The Inquirer reported last week, because of negative publicity surrounding skits deemed homophobic or immigrant-unfriendly during last month's parade down Broad Street.
Watching the proliferation of charter schools in Philadelphia and across America reminds one of the monotone pronouncement of the part-robot, part-human Borg as they conquer planet after planet in Star Trek: "Resistance is futile."
By Jennifer Schneible and Abigail R. Hall For a new college graduate, finding a job is stressful. That first job is more than a paycheck. It represents the accumulation of hours of hard work and a start on a stable future. In a job market dominated by resumés, connections, and previous work experience, college students will often turn to internships, paid and unpaid, to gain a competitive edge.
And the sign said "The words of the prophets Are written on the subway walls And tenement halls And whispered in the sounds of silence."
ISSUE | ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE Marco Rubio is hardly a moderate Today's Republican Party has moved far to the right of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Many leading Republicans compete for funding from billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, whose views are far-right-wing.
A memorial service is planned in May for Elizabeth MacLeod Scattergood, 98, a retired social worker, who died Sunday, Jan. 17, of Alzheimer's disease at Kendal Crosslands in Kennett Square.
John Tishman, 90, a builder whose company worked on the World Trade Center in New York, the Century City complex in Los Angeles, and Walt Disney's Epcot center in Florida, among other high-profile developments, died Saturday at his home in Bedford, N.Y. Family spokesman John Gallagher said Mr. Tishman died of respiratory failure.
Constance G. Yaros, a Philadelphia artist for 60 years, died Thursday at Hahnemann University Hospital. She was 90. A lifelong Philadelphia resident, Ms. Yaros was involved in portrait and landscape painting, sculpture, industrial design, fashion design and interior design. She also acted at Allen's Lane and Abington Theater companies.

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