Girl tosses ball back, becomes darling of the 'Net

After catching a foul ball, a Phillies fan hands it to a little girl -- who throws it back. It happened during the fifth inning on Sept. 15, 2009, at Citizens Bank Park.

Note: Read updated story with names, more details.

A series of funny and yet tender moments happened at last night's Phillies game, when a man reached over an upper deck railing to catch a foul ball, then handed it to a little girl. She promptly reared her arm back over her pink baseball cap and tossed it the ball away.

"Nice grab," said the TV play by play man. "Whoop -- there it goes!"

"She's only doing what she sees them do all the time, and that is to throw the ball back," says commentator Gary Matthews.

A look of surprise comes over the man's face, but then the laughs and gives her a hug.

Two videos can be watched online, on a, another at

Anybody know the identity of this dad and daughter? We've love to speak to them.

A woman holding a baby is sitting nearby. Could that be the mom and little sister?

A commenter at said she saw an usher later hand the girl a ball. 

More information is being sought from the Phils. 

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