Theater: New and Noteworthy

New This Week

Adapt! (Wilma Theater). Blanka Zizka's play of a young woman in 1977 Czechoslovakia, seeking a way out. Wednesday through April 22.

Ironbound (Simpatico Theatre). A 20-year journey in search of the American Dream. Through April 2./AGATE_SM]


Jesus Christ Superstar (Bristol Riverside Theatre). The last week of the life of Jesus, with Judas as chorus. Tuesday through April 16.

The King and I (Academy of Music). A teacher, a king, and The Small House of Uncle Thomas. Wednesday through April 2.

You for Me for You (InterAct Theatre Company). Two North Korean sisters, separated at the border, range the United States looking for each other. Friday through April 16.


Reviewed by Tirdad Derakhshani (T.D.), and John Timpane (J.T.).

Clybourne Park (Colonial Theatre, Aldan). Bruce Norris' Pulitzer-winning satire about U.S. race relations. Through Saturday.

Coriolanus (Lantern Theater). Shakespeare's beautiful, noble, thorny last Roman play. Through April 16.

The Importance of Being Earnest (Walnut Street Theatre). One of the wittiest plays ever written, ever-fresh. Through April 30.

Jimmy Gorski Is Dead (ReVamp Collective/Plays & Players Theater). The tragedy of an overdose leads friends and family to reexamine Jimmy's life - and their own. Through Saturday.

John and Jen (Eagle Theatre, Hammonton, N.J.). Brother and sister, mother and child, 1950-90. Well-sung and moving. Through April 9. - J.T.

The Laramie Project (Steel River Playhouse, Pottstown). Based on interviews after the 1998 murder of Matthew Shephard. Sunday, and Thursday through next Sunday.

Love's Labour's Lost (Quintessence Theatre Group). A king and his entourage swear off women for three years. Sure they do. Through April 21.

The Lyons (Isis/Walnut Street Theatre Studio 5). A family gathers in the hospital room of a dying father and spouse and trades funny, sad, and piercing stories. Uneven, but full of laughs. Through April 2. - T.D.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Arden Theatre). A dressed-down, steampunk version of Shakespeare's comedy about love and magic. Energetic, funny, and true to the play. Through April 9. - J.T.

Miracle in Rwanda (Passage Theatre, Trenton). Leslie Lewis' one-woman show on genocide and resilience. Ends next Sunday.

Murder on the Orient Express (McCarter Theatre, Princeton). Agatha Christie, Emily Mann, and a train. What's not to like? Through April 2.

Side Show (Media Theatre). Conjoined twins join the circus and see the world. Ends next Sunday.

Tomfoolery (Act II Playhouse, Ambler). A revue of the great corpus of humorist Tom Lehrer. A rollicking, sunny, cynical 70 minutes. Through April 2. - J.T.

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