Bam Margera has checked into an alcohol rehabilitation program for the third time, the former Jackass star announced via social media this week.

Margera, 39, wrote on Instagram on Monday that he was “off to alcohol rehab for the 3rd time,” adding that he hopes “the term 3rd time is a charm is true.” In a followup posting, the West Chester resident thanked fellow Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Brandon Novak, and others for helping facilitate his treatment.

The move came following a blow-out party at Margera’s West Chester home, otherwise known as “Castle Bam.” The event, held last month, attracted a slew of attendees who entered Margera’s property for $40 a head. While the event attracted pro skateboarding royalty like Danny Way and Andy Roy, Margera himself was a rare sight, and appeared to be intoxicated during the get-together.

In the weeks after his event, Margera began posting messages to Instagram that had been scrawled on scrap paper and lumber. In one, Margera said he had broken up with his wife, Nikki, on their son, Phoenix Wolf’s, birthday, because “that was always the plan.”

Other postings focused on Novak, a friend and former heroin addict who is now a motivational speaker and author. On Instagram, Margera wrote that he spent his “whole life fixing Novak,” and that Novak now “forgets who fixed him.”

“He has seen Phoenix Wolf once,” Margera wrote. “He is too busy for me. I will get over it. But I’m hurt.”

Last January, Margera was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly driving under the influence, and received three years of probation in addition to an undisclosed sum of fines and fees. Previously, in 2016, Margera appeared on VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, on which he detailed his experiences with drinking.

As Margera told the Inquirer in 2017, the death of friend Ryan Dunn, who was killed in a drunk driving crash in 2011, contributed significantly to his alcoholism. His success on Jackass, Margera said, compounded the issue.

"It took me four beers to even feel normal. People go to rehab because drinking made them lose their job and their wife. My job is to do dumb, jackass s–, and the more shots of Crown Royal I'd do, the braver I'd be. Drinking helped me get paid," he said. "I've come to terms with the fact that it doesn't take drinking to be funny, but it took me a long time to figure that out."

Currently, Margera’s Castle Bam property is being renovated to be listed on AirBnB, as his mother, April, told the Inquirer last year. The property is currently not listed on the rental service’s website.

“He went to rehab, and he has embraced his sobriety,” April told the Inquirer last year. “We’re really proud of him. He’s moving forward, and he takes it one day at a time.”