I cover national politics and policy from Washington D.C., with a focus on Pennsylvania and New Jersey lawmakers and issues.

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Philly Clout

Replacing a sullied West Philly state representative sparks Dem infighting | Philly Clout

Water usage and accusations of bribery: Inside the intra-Democratic fight to replace former state Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown in West Philly.

Sen. Bob Casey says he won’t run for president in 2020

Few expected Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) to run for president, though some argued he could be a strong vice presidential nominee.

They won swing districts, but most Pa., N.J. Dems are holding firm against Trump during shutdown

After President Trump's boasts about owning the government shutdown, even vulnerable Democrats feel little pressure to give ground in negotiations.

Philly gains in Congress: Brendan Boyle, Dwight Evans land on powerful committee

Philadelphia's Brendan Boyle and Dwight Evans were named to the House Ways and Means committee, which has significant influence and often serves as a platform for bigger ambitions.

Shutdown scene: Flurry of activity, but no movement. ‘We’re going to be here a while.’

As the partial government shutdown dragged on, there was a lot of activity at the Capitol Wednesday -- but nothing happened.

As climate change rises to top of Democratic agenda, New Jersey’s Frank Pallone gains a front-row seat

U.S Rep. Frank Pallone, of New Jersey, has taken over one of the most influential House committees, with the power to shape debates on climate change and health care -- yet he may face a challenge from an aggressive liberal base.

Nancy Pelosi elected speaker as Democrats usher in power shift in U.S. House

The new lawmakers arrive at a moment of uncertainty in Washington — two weeks into a partial government shutdown centered on a fight over President Trump’s promised border wall.

In a Year Two finale, Trump doubles down on chaos, and more seems ahead

President Trump's swings in the final weeks of 2018 have brought more chaos to an already unpredictable presidency, and portend even more unrest at home and abroad.

Philly Clout

Philly Dems support net neutrality — but not a petition for, you know, net neutrality | Philly Clout

Philly reps in Congress tap dance on net neutrality, a mayoral candidate makes a fake statement and Democratic political consultants battle in court.

Criminal justice bill a major marker for Cory Booker as 2020 announcement looms

Approval of a sweeping criminal justice reform bill represents one of the most significant policy achievements of Booker's Senate career — and comes just weeks before he is widely expected to announce a presidential run.