Allison Steele writes about food and booze culture in Philadelphia and beyond.

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Make your own fresh, tangy cider with help from the experts

Hale & True's cider-makers are offering a three-session course on how to brew your own at home.

At St. Joe’s, students learn the business of food

For decades, St. Joseph's University has offered one of the only undergraduate food marketing majors in the country. Administrators say it has flourished because it offers students the certainty of a good job after graduation.

Fresh ginger drinks that aren’t ginger ale

One local couple set out to showcase the health benefits of ginger, and ways to drink it that don't include soda.

No ‘Double Doink’ brews on tap as government shutdown halts new craft beer, liquor releases

After the federal government shut down on Dec. 22, the process by which labels are approved for the sale of new beer, wine, and distilled spirits came to a halt.

How to eat popcorn like Questlove

Philly's own Questlove has a collection of savory and sweet popcorn seasonings — even the flavor of Saturday-morning cereal.

Loose-leaf tea to brew at home, made by Rival Bros. coffee roasters

After customers kept asking to buy bags of the tea brewed in Rival Bros. locations, the coffee company launched a line of loose leaf teas to brew at home.

Sea salt that comes from under a mountain

In West Virginia, sea salt is harvested from a natural body of water.

Why Champagne makers are popping more corks this year

The 2018 harvest of Champagne grapes is looking like the best in years, experts say. That means future bottles of bubbly will taste even better.

As Fishtown businesses boom, one 116-year-old nonprofit has found support from its new neighbors

The Lutheran Settlement House has operated in the heart of Fishtown for 116 years. These days, the social service agency lives next to trendy bars and restaurants — businesses that have become strong supporters.

A Spice Finch Christmas, with a journey from Northeast Philly to the Mediterranean

Jennifer Carroll and Billy Riddle both grew up with big family Christmases. They drew inspiration from those memories to create a vibrant holiday feast.