Susan Snyder has covered education for the Inquirer since 1998. She currently covers higher education.  She was a member of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for public service in 2012.

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New chancellor: Pa.’s 14 state universities should start operating more like a system

Daniel Greenstein spent the fall visiting Pennsylvania's 14 state universities, which he was hired last year to oversee. On Wednesday, he unveiled his vision: The schools must start operating more like a system, consolidate business operations and open courses on all campuses to all students.

PSU releases report on hazing, first one under new Tim Piazza law

Since sophomore pledge Tim Piazza died at Pennsylvania State University in February 2017 following a booze-fueled fraternity party, the university has investigated and taken action on 14 other reports of hazing, including one case where pledges were forced to drink a jug of wine in 30 minutes.

Sisters vs. Saints: Only one side’s prayers were really answered in the Eagles' loss to New Orleans

The SIsters of Saint Joseph are big Eagles fans, and they're praying for a win on Sunday, but mostly they are praying that nobody gets hurt and everyone plays their best game.

Why a Temple professor created a ‘Failure CV’ to tout his defeats

Doug Webber hopes his brutal honesty lets graduate students and junior faculty know that they shouldn’t get discouraged by the many inevitable failures that will come in their careers.

Were CCP professors on strike? Union says no. But a labor ruling indicates otherwise.

Community College of Philadelphia faculty are required to participate in assessments designed to determine whether courses are meeting their objectives in helping students learn. If they refuse, it's considered a strike activity, Pa. labor board ruled.

Penn State wants to trademark ‘Happy Valley’

The flagship university wants official rights to the "Happy Valley" nickname it has carried for decades and has applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to get it.

Broke In Philly

For homeless college students, home for the holidays means staying on campus

Twenty-eight students who are homeless or had been foster kids will remain on West Chester University's campus for the five-week break, free of charge. And, the football coach's extended family — along with a cast of staff and students — have donated gifts to make their holiday special.

Temple pays more than $5 million to settle claims over false reporting by its business school

Temple University announced late Friday that it will pay $4 million to settle a lawsuit filed by former students in its Fox Business School Online MBA program, who complained the school's ranking scandal devalued their degrees. It also will pay $1.4 million to settle claims by other students.

At Oxford, a North Philly man's journey winds through a fraught legacy

Since late September, Philadelphia's Hazim Hardeman has been finding a home at Oxford, the city of dreaming spires.

He almost failed out of high school in North Philly. Now this Temple graduate is a Rhodes scholar

Temple University alumnus Hazim Hardeman is the school's first Rhodes scholar. This is the story of his unexpected journey.