Julie Shaw works on the Justice/Injustice team for the Inquirer and Daily News, focusing on crime victims. During her 12-plus years at both papers, she has covered the courts, crime, immigration, and census stories.

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Judge rules that defense attorney won’t be removed from murder case despite DA’s request

The DA's Office had raised the issue of a possible conflict of interest, but the judge said she found none.

Joshua Hupperterz found guilty of killing Temple student Jenna Burleigh, gets life sentence

Jurors convicted Joshua Hupperterz of all charges, including first-degree murder, for the 2017 strangulation death of Temple student Jenna Burleigh.

Jurors see video image of Temple student Jenna Burleigh’s final hug with her dad hours before she was killed

The prosecution and defense have both rested in Joshua Hupperterz's murder trial. Closing arguments are expected Thursday morning.

Hupperterz’s step-grandfather: Looking for snakes, I found Jenna Burleigh’s body in Poconos shed

Hupperterz's step-grandfather, George Stabilito, told jurors Monday that he was checking his wife's lakeside shed in the Poconos for snakes when he found a blue plastic storage bin with a body inside.

At Jenna Burleigh murder trial, ex-roommate says Hupperterz told him: ‘I would never hurt anybody'

Hupperterz's former roommate, Jack Miley, faced cross-examination by defense attorney David Nenner on Friday.

Hupperterz’s ex-roommate: I didn’t kill Temple student Jenna Burleigh

Jack Miley told jurors that he didn't hear the vicious struggle between Joshua Hupperterz and Jenna Burleigh and didn't know the 22-year-old woman was there. He said he woke the next day to see Hupperterz cleaning bloodstains.

Witness: Hupperterz acted ‘normal' when transporting bin carrying body of Temple student Jenna Burleigh

A cousin of accused murderer Joshua Hupperterz recounted helping him move the bin where he allegedly hid Burleigh's body. A Lyft driver said Hupperterz said it was loaded with books.

Temple student Jenna Burleigh was beaten, strangled after she rebuffed sex act, prosecutors tell jurors

Joshua Hupperterz is accused of killing Temple University student Jenna Burleigh, 22, in August 2017.

Jurors picked, trial to start for man accused of killing Temple student Jenna Burleigh

Opening statements are scheduled for Tuesday in the murder trial of Joshua Hupperterz, 30, accused of killing Temple student Jenna Burleigh, 22, in 2017.

S. Philly man whose ear was bitten off in fight says DA’s Office didn’t tell him about plea deal for attacker

The plea deal and sentence occurred Dec. 6, three weeks after the DA's Office failed to notify another violent-crime victim of a plea deal in a shooting case that gained widespread attention.