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Machado-Harper verdict will affect other potential Phillies offseason deals

If the Phillies whiff on Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, the expectation is that they will compensate by taking other paths to improve the roster.


Bryce Harper would fit Phillies as well as Manny Machado — and maybe even better

Maybe it's all a leverage ploy to get Manny Machado to sign with them, but what if Bryce Harper really is becoming the Phillies' top priority? A case could be made that Harper is actually the better fit.

Phillies, Aaron Nola unable to reach agreement, likely headed to arbitration

The Phillies reached agreement with all but one of their arbitration-eligible players before Friday's deadline. The holdout: Ace pitcher Aaron Nola.

Phillies hire Manny Machado’s mentor as infield coach, as pursuit of megastar free agents heats up

The Phillies will try Saturday to win over Bryce Harper, but they made a move on Thursday that should earn themselves some good will with Manny Machado.

Phillies pitching coach: Starting rotation doesn’t need upgrades

Barring a late-offseason move, such as signing Dallas Keuchel or trading for Sonny Gray, the Phillies will open spring training with the same starting rotation that they had at the end of last season. And that's just fine with new Chris Young.

David Robertson’s flexibility makes him ideal fit for Gabe Kapler’s Phillies bullpen | Analysis

Phillies manager Gabe Kapler believes in using relievers based on matchups rather than defined roles. In that sense, Robertson represents a good fit for a bullpen that is suddenly deep and talented.

It could be Manny Machado or bust for Phillies as Dodgers make room for Bryce Harper

Machado got most of the headlines this week, but the Phillies are still pursuing free agent Britton and trade candidate Minor as upgrades to the pitching staff.

Manny Machado visits Phillies, who get their best chance to persuade him to choose Philadelphia

The superstar free agent has visited the White Sox and Yankees this week. The Phillies might have to persuade Machado to play third base.

Rhys Hoskins ready, willing to help Phillies’ sales pitch to superstar free agents Bryce Harper and Manny Machado

The young Phillies slugger is willing to help sell free agents, including Bryce Harper, on the experience of playing in Philadelphia.

Andrew McCutchen: ‘I understand what I’m capable of doing’ with Phillies

The general opinion was the Phillies overpaid for Andrew McCutchen. But his durability, leadership qualities and the potential for mashing were the prime reasons they were willing to spend $50 million for him.