I cover public corruption, white-collar crime and the criminal misuse of power by celebrities, elected officials and others who despite having been given a leg-up in life are still willing to break the law in pursuit of more.

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Government shutdown posing ‘risks to national security,’ FBI agents say in 72-page report

The FBI Agents Association said it released the report, “to ensure that Congress, the Administration, and the public are aware of the real and daily challenges faced by FBI Agents and the risks to national security posed by a prolonged shutdown."

‘This is Lower South. I know everything there is to know’: Corrupt Bucks County judge pleads guilty

John Waltman, a former district magistrate judge, wielded astonishing control over the government of the working-class Bucks County community of Lower Southampton. New transcripts of FBI wire recordings reveal how he used it to further his many crimes.

Bribery plot involving shabby seat cushions gets ex-Amtrak employee a year in prison

Timothy Miller, a former procurement officer for the train company, accepted more than $20,000 in bribes and trips to Rehoboth Beach to steer seat cushion contracts to an unqualified company that delivered products so poorly manufactured that most of them had to be thrown out.

Philly’s ‘Camel Prom Mom’ admits to collecting government disability while working to fund lavish parties

In all, Saudia Shuler illegally took home nearly $37,000 in benefits between 2014 and 2018 — even while hosting the opulent prom send-offs that rocketed her to notoriety.

Philly judge blocks Trump efforts to roll back birth control mandate

In a ruling that applies nationally, the judge barred the Trump administration from enacting new rules which would allow nearly any business to deny employees birth control by claiming religious or moral objection.

Collingswood priest resigns over decades-old sex-abuse allegation

Claims against the Rev. John Bohrer date back to the 1980s, when he was assigned to St. Pius X Parish in Cherry Hill and resurfaced last year as Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan prepares to release a full list of his diocese’s accused priests.

Pope Francis tells U.S. bishops: Committees and ‘flow charts’ won’t solve sex-abuse crisis

In a letter addressed to more than 250 U.S. bishops gathered for a prayer retreat this week in Chicago, the pope offered no new proposals for clergy sex abuse reforms. But he appeared to obliquely respond to divisions that have split U.S. Catholic leaders after a year marked by scandals.

‘We’re going to win the Super Bowl again’: Fans cheer playoff-bound Eagles

As the Eagles secured a playoff berth Sunday with a shutout of the Redskins — and an assist from the Bears — their fans expressed a mix of confidence and caution.

‘True colors’ vs. ‘political grandstanding’: War of words erupts from Philly’s two top prosecutors

U.S. Attorney William McSwain said District Attorney Larry Krasner, had "abdicated his responsibility as a prosecutor." Krasner's spokesman fired back, likening McSwain to President Trump. It was a public clash between two top prosecutors that had been simmering behind-the-scenes for months.

AK-47 gunman’s attorney: Krasner can’t back away from negotiated plea deal

Also, U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain said Tuesday that his office is considering charging the gunman with federal crimes in the shooting.