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Members of Saint Thomas Aquinas Church turn to their immigrant roots to raise $40K for new heater

Parishioners embraced their backgrounds, selling traditional comfort foods like Indonesian satay or Mexican tamales to raise nearly $40,000 in just over a month.

With a giant smiling colon and wreaths of human hair, this is not your average Christmas tree

“How many times do you walk into an office around the holidays and see a Christmas tree?” said Mütter Museum curator Anna Dhody. “You almost never stop and look. This tree gives you a reason to stop.”

Report claims Penn, Princeton, and other Ivy League colleges discriminate against students with mental illness

It claims the colleges are forcing students to leave campus against their will and without medical justification in order to protect the school from legal liability and bad press.

A year after fraternity member suicide, Greek groups at Penn work to prevent future tragedy

They're holding active listening trainings, requiring members to take suicide-prevention workshops, and creating new leadership roles focused on health.

As cigarette smoking declines, black and white Americans could face two different tobacco problems

A new study finds that cigars and cigarillos are sold most often in low-income minority communities, while e-cigarettes are sold more often in higher-income, predominantly white communities.

After confronting mental illness and addiction, he wants to help others. But one thing’s stopping him.

Finding support from another person with mental illness was key to James Sherrick's recovery. Now, he wants to do the same for others, fulfilling a role that is in high demand across Pennsylvania. But there's a $1,300 obstacle.

North Philly’s Jr. Barber Academy teaches kids the basics of barbering and entrepreneurship

P. Michael Boone learned to cut his own hair out of necessity. Now he teaches kids the trade in his North Philly shop. But students also walk away with entrepreneurial skills and big dreams.

Made In Philly: Young residents shaping local communities

These are the people who make Philly what it is, and are driving change for the future.

‘Sex ed isn’t serving young black women.’ These Philly women are trying to fix that.

Black girls are poorly served by sex-education curriculums tailored for a white majority, experts say. A Philly-based nonprofit called Daughters of the Diaspora is enlisting black medical students to help change that.

City Council votes to uphold rules reducing tobacco retailers

The move was cheered by public health officials as a critical step in reducing youth smoking but decried by small business owners who say the rules are devaluing their investments.