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Dueling protests planned for Saturday’s Women’s March on Philadelphia

Both events start at 10 a.m. Saturday, and both are taking place on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Given the Mummers’ history, will they ever manage to not offend?

Some are calling for the city to fully "divest" from the parade following the latest flap.

How to scrub social media of embarrassing videos of you dancing (or worse)

After a freshman congresswoman's college dancing video circulated on the Internet, I embarked on a social media audit to make sure I wasn't tagged in something worse.

City settles for $350K with woman who claims supervisors knew for years her harasser was a problem

At least three other women have in some way accused him of sexual misconduct.

Instagram sends users into a frenzy with a major update — then quickly pulls it back

The company hasn't come out and said why it made the change, which appears to have only rolled out to some users.

After another ‘Year of the Woman,’ how close is Pa. to gender parity in politics? (Not very)

By January, Pennsylvania politics will be more diverse than ever before. But a woman governor? Still "sounds like Disneyland."

College students want to fight rape culture with a porn filter. But are the two related?

Anti-porn activists at colleges across the country are using the rhetoric of feminist movements to lobby their schools to block X-rated material.

While national Women’s March leaders are under fire, Philly group faces its own turmoil

But despite the internal strife, there will be a Women's March on Philadelphia on Jan. 19.

Why a new report suggests the gender wage gap is wider than you thought

"The long-term gender earnings gap has narrowed since 1968, but it has by no means disappeared," the study's authors wrote.

12 ways to get warm in your old, cold office

Fingerless gloves, electric blankets and body heat top the list.