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College students want to fight rape culture with a porn filter. But are the two related?

Anti-porn activists at colleges across the country are using the rhetoric of feminist movements to lobby their schools to block X-rated material.

While national Women’s March leaders are under fire, Philly group faces its own turmoil

But despite the internal strife, there will be a Women's March on Philadelphia on Jan. 19.

Why a new report suggests the gender wage gap is wider than you thought

"The long-term gender earnings gap has narrowed since 1968, but it has by no means disappeared," the study's authors wrote.

12 ways to get warm in your old, cold office

Fingerless gloves, electric blankets and body heat top the list.

What Betsy DeVos’ new sexual misconduct regulations mean for victims, the accused, and schools

Under new Title IX regulations unveiled by the Trump administration, schools will have limited responsibility to investigate allegations of misconduct and the accused will have more defined rights.

New ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ mocks a generation and highlights a rift

Game pieces, naturally, include a bicycle, a pair of sunglasses, a camera, and a hashtag.

Rowan will allow female athletes to practice in sports bras after online outrage

Cross-country runners were told their sports bras were "distracting" to football players.

Two Sicklerville women, 20 and 21, dead after car runs off road in Gloucester Twp.

The Cadillac, with five occupants, ran off northbound Route 42, hit several trees and overturned, New Jersey State Police said.

Noted anti-Trump rabble-rouser leads balloon-wielding protesters around Independence Mall

Sunday afternoon's "Trump baby balloon mini-march" was organized by Mad Dog PAC, a group formed last year that funds flashy campaigns critical of the GOP and President Trump.

At Penn, Anita Hill calls Kavanaugh hearings ‘a disservice to the American public’

"Some of the same things went wrong in this hearing," she said, "as went wrong in the hearing in 1991."