Justine McDaniel covers vices on the policy and solutions team, writing about topics such as gambling, liquor control, marijuana legalization, and opioid policy.

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Guns in schools: Tamaqua board suspends armed-employee policy after lawsuits

A controversial program to train and arm school employees in Tamaqua, Schuylkill County, is on hold pending the outcome of two lawsuits against the school board.

The links between domestic violence and workplace shooters

Forty percent of women killed in the workplace are shot by domestic partners.

U.S. House Democrats introduce bill to expand background checks on gun sales

With a new Democratic majority in the U.S. House, push to expand background checks for gun purchasers begins again.

Year-end report shows increase in gun control legislation

For the first time since the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, more major gun control bills were passed by states than major gun rights bills, according to a new report.

‘Is this really happening?’ Chemicals that tainted water on military bases spreading to other towns in Bucks, Montco

Chemicals used on military bases in Willow Grove and Warminster are still moving through groundwater and surface water, and more than 20 towns have joined the list of places with some level of contaminated water.

After water contamination, elevated chemical levels in Bucks, Montco residents' blood

A meeting was held in Montgomery County to discuss effects of chemicals in drinking water of towns that neighbored two military bases.

Study: 2018 worst year for gun incidents in schools

The past year has seen 93 gun-related incidents in K-12 schools across the United States. The previous high was 59.

75 percent of Philly-area drivers use phone in car. Can apps make them stop?

Researchers recommend turning on one smartphone function to help prevent distracted-driving crashes.

Which gun bills could be important in Congress next year?

The new makeup of Congress is generating buzz — but what will it mean for gun laws?

One year, eight new gun-control laws in New Jersey

In his first year, Gov. Murphy looked to strengthen the state's gun laws and its reputation as a gun-control leader.