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Will Trump’s ‘Opportunity Zone’ tax break help residents along North Broad — or push them out?

The tax break, a part of the 2017 tax bill, is designed to spur investment in distressed communities. But with few incentives for investment that will directly help low-income residents, some worry that Opportunity Zones could exacerbate displacement.

What will a Pa. Supreme Court decision mean for regulating sites like Airbnb?

Attorneys are hoping the state's panel of seven justices will give local governments across the state more feedback on how to better regulate short-term rentals.

What turmoil? Trump finds Philly welcoming at Army-Navy game, inside and outside stadium

Trump became the 10th sitting president to attend the Army-Navy game. While he handled the coin toss inside the stadium, fans outside said they were pleased to see the president give members of the military the respect they said they deserved.

8-foot stained-glass windows stolen in burglary of historic N. Phila. mansion

Police said the windows are thought to be from the home's construction in the 1880s.

How two brothers are using the Land Bank to build homes working Philadelphians can afford

The project in fast-changing West Poplar — which will cap home prices at $229,999 — is the latest to come out of the Philadelphia Land Bank, the 5-year-old institution that has struggled to get off the ground.

Philly region’s housing market in 2019: The slowdown will continue, experts say

After years of a red-hot market for sellers — especially in Philadelphia — economists predict it will start becoming easier for buyers to find and afford homes.

Special Report

Rotting from within: When dream homes become nightmares

The housing boom of the 2000s led to fast construction. But with lower-quality materials, faulty work, and lax oversight, hundreds of area families face damage "of epidemic proportions." Many others might not know of the problem.

Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic is likely headed for sheriff’s sale. But can it overcome its ‘House of Horrors’ past?

With nearly $50,000 in back real estate taxes, the City of Philadelphia has moved to sell the property. But can the next tenants move past the crimes committed inside?

Are Trump’s tariffs making homes more expensive?

In May 2018, the cost of lumber hit its highest price on record, making builders nervous about the rising cost of building a home. How much was passed on to you? Why was there a tariff in the first place? We break down all of your questions here.

63 luxury townhouses for sale on long vacant Venice Island property in Manayunk

The developers believe the market in Manayunk, once a manufacturing village, can now support luxury, high-end townhouses.