As restaurant critic and Drink columnist for the Inquirer, I cover the culture of Philly food as I chronicle the rise of our culinary stars, the decline of some, and the dramatic evolution of a dining scene that shapes emerging neighborhoods and helps define our region's identity, one plate at a time.

Latest Stories

Indonesian flavors rise again on Ritner Street in South Philly

D’Jakarta Cafe channels the cosmopolitan melting-pot flavors of Jakarta.


Libertine is chef Derek Davis’ comeback, and a breath of new life for Center City corner

And so the comeback story for Davis and this corner’s cheerful cocktail bar makeover should be viewed as a plus for the neighborhood, too.

Drink like a libertine at Libertine

These transformative drinks have flavored ice cubes that begin as one thing and then evolve into another while as they melt.

Mom-Mom’s is more than great pierogi

Other Polish delights now being served from the counter at this charming little restaurant.

Water Dog is smoked salmon with Jersey Shore spirit

Their fish is fantastic, and can easily compete with more famous brands.

Boardroom Spirits goes nuts with nocino for the holiday

The local distillery's version is inspired by the recipe from co-owner Zsuzsa Palotas' Hungarian family


Philly’s surging Lao power finds flavorful new home in Kensington

The origin story of newly opened Vientiane Bistro is, in fact, an old one. It goes back more than two decades, to a home kitchen in West Philly where a mother and her daughters cooked together.

Everything bagel spice goes local

The fallen spice is harvested from the actual bagels baked at Original Bagel in Broomall.


Amis goes big in Devon as URBN’s post-Vetri restaurant push is put to the test

A big new suburban location for Amis proves this all-purpose trattoria has become the most valuable part of URBN's Vetri Family acquisition.

Hidden gem of Middle Eastern flavors tucked behind Kensington mosque

The chicken shawarma that turns to a roasty crisp every Friday on a spit at the Al Amana Grocery may be the best I’ve had in Philadelphia in recent memory. But first you’ll have to find it.