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N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy nominates two environmentalists to Pinelands Commission

NJ Gov. Murphy has nominated two women to the Pinelands Commission in what environmentalists believe could shift the panel to a more protectionist stance.

‘Blood moon’ lunar eclipse tonight

The first total lunar eclipse visible in years to the Philadelphia region will occur Sunday night. It will be clear for viewing, but bitterly cold.

Half a million mussels to be hatched yearly at Bartram’s Garden

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary said a new mussel hatchery to be built at Bartram's Garden “may be the first of its kind in the world."

‘The air and the water are not being protected’: Work in Philly’s EPA office stalls during government shutdown

The Environmental Protection Agency's Philadelphia office is one of the largest regional offices in the country. Here's what they haven't been doing since the year began -- and why workers say stopping EPA operations is a threat to public health and safety.

As U.S. carbon emissions spike, Pa’s Gov. Wolf announces first statewide reduction plan

An independent research firm released a report Tuesday saying carbon emissions rose a surprising 3.4 percent in 2018.

Record rains increased pollution in Chesapeake Bay

A report by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation said the health of the bay decreased one point to 33 last year, earning it the equivalent of a D+, mostly because of heavy rains that swept in nitrogen and phosphorous from runoff. Water clarity also took a hit.

How to recycle your live Christmas tree in Philadelphia

Philadelphia residents have the option of recycling their Christmas trees rather than just hauling them to the curb where they'll be disposed of as regular trash. Last year, residents recycled nearly 6.5 tons.

2018 has set rainfall records in the Philadelphia region — and the rain may not let up soon

Yes, it has been a very wet year. But unlike in past rainy years, there were no big storms to blame, just frequent showers. Blame the gulf stream — and climate change.

The holidays are the trashiest time of the year. Here’s what to do with garbage and recyclables.

Municipal waste streams can increase by up to 25 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year, with Christmas as the biggest driver. And that's a problem for recycling.

‘Eye-popping’ 245-ton illegal dump cleared near Philadelphia drinking water intakes

It took four separate days using water department staff and volunteers, but the crew cleaned up the amount of trash equivalent to that produced by 32,700 city households each dumping a 15-pound bag of garbage along Falls Road.