Solomon Jones is the author of 10 books, including his latest novel, The Dead Man's Wife (Minotaur Books), and the humor collection Daddy's Home: A Memoir of Fatherhood and Laughter.

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Legalizing marijuana won’t benefit people of color | Solomon Jones

People of color would get to legally smoke marijuana, but the bulk of the estimated $581 million in annual state marijuana revenue would go to white organizations instead of the black and brown entrepreneurs who made marijuana a multibillion-dollar enterprise.


Three big — but achievable — changes that could bring us one step closer to racial equality in 2019 | Solomon Jones

Nationwide, let's stop making black hair controversial. Locally, let's make sure Pennsylvania schools are fairly funded for students of all races.


Russia’s election trolls found it all too easy to manipulate black voters | Solomon Jones

I wish I didn’t understand why black people would believe Russian propaganda about a rigged electoral system. Unfortunately, I understand it very well.


Philly’s new fight against white poverty should serve as a catalyst to help people of color, too | Solomon Jones

Poverty in Philadelphia is spreading outside black and brown communities. White poverty in Philadelphia has increased substantially in neighborhoods all over the city.


Research confirms what I’ve always known: White liberals talk down to me | Solomon Jones

An Ivy-League study has quantified the patronizing racial attitudes of white liberals.

America’s real border crisis is keeping drugs out of cities like Philly | Solomon Jones

If we truly care about the homeless drug addicts living under the bridge in Kensington, we must realize that our border fight is not against the homeless migrants making their way here from Central America.

Thanksgiving is a day to remember America’s oppressive past and present | Solomon Jones

Maybe this Thanksgiving, after so many years of telling a one-sided version of the Thanksgiving tale.

What Democrats owe black voters: Use House majority to end police brutality | Solomon Jones

Now that the Democrats have taken the House with the help of black voters, we have friends in high places, too.

Central Americans’ long walk north strikes familiar chords | Solomon Jones

Just as Trump and his political allies have used brown immigrants as a wedge to divide Americans in the hopes of maintaining GOP control of the government, Trump's political forebears sought to use slavery as a wedge to maintain their own "way of life."