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Volunteers dream up a world without gun violence at King Day of Service

Across the region, a record 150,000 people of all ages and races braved frigid temperature to donate time and sweat in about 1,800 community service projects throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, according to Todd Bernstein, founder and director of the region’s King Day of Service.

Broke In Philly

Free Library borrowers face long waits for books, materials — the side-effect of a shrunken materials budget

Free Library patrons wait weeks, sometimes months, for books, DVDs, and other materials. Its one impact of the system’s declining funding over time.

Avenue of the Arts Bells won’t be back anytime soon

Avenue of the Arts officials say a new system would have to be built from scratch to get the bells ringing.

Millennials need mental-health care, but struggle to access it. Advocates hope to change that.

Aishia Correll wants to flip what health care looks like for millennials.

Temple trustees condemn controversial remarks by Marc Lamont Hill, but affirm his right to free speech

At their first public meeting since the uproar, Temple's trustees issued a "statement of condemnation" of Hill.

Finding a way to '$hare’ financial advice and speak to millennials

$hares wants to teach millennials to budget, stack coins and the art of debt management. And it all started with childhood lessons from Anthony Copeman's grandmother.

Made In Philly: Young residents shaping local communities

These are the people who make Philly what it is, and are driving change for the future.

The National Guard occupied Wilmington for 9 months in 1968. The city was never the same.

“Since 1968, the businesses, the small shops, the retail, the ecosystem has just totally deteriorated,” said David Teague, a professor at the University of Delaware’s Associate in Arts Program. In West Center City, he said “there is not a single doctor’s office. There’s not a dentist."

Free Library to hire more staff, 12 more libraries to offer six-day service

The re-openings came after Kenney called on the Free Library to re-evaluate its "staffing and management decisions."

Pulling back the curtain on trauma faced by Philadelphia’s homeless youth

Without many skills or resources, housing insecure and homeless youth face endless daily uncertainty about where they will lay their head that night.