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Exposure to fentanyl doesn’t kill but misinformation does | Opinion

Why the scary stories you’ve heard about the drug have serious public health implications.


For racial justice, legalized marijuana must be taxed correctly | Opinion

The smarter we are about the way we tax marijuana, the more we can reinvest in the communities that marijuana prohibition harmed.


South Jersey wrestler losing his dreadlocks reminded me of how the Nazis humiliated the Jews | Perspective

One way the Nazis humiliated Jewish men was to cut off their beards.

All I want for next Christmas is the Church of Safe Injection in Philly | Opinion

"What matters is people getting together, gathering as human beings, to try to save people,” says Pat Dooley of the Philadelphia Congregation.

The First Step Act is a rare win in the Trump era. Liberals should celebrate. | Opinion

“When you have 99 bad things and suddenly you have one good thing, you don’t know how to react," says CNN host Van Jones.


From decorated general to federal court: Michael Flynn from the eyes of cartoonists | Opinion

Former national security advisor Michael Flynn faces sentencing for lying to federal investigators.

From Tel Aviv, Marc Lamont Hill’s Palestine comments don’t sound so wrong to me | Opinion

As an Israeli-Jew, I understand what is at stake. Tel Aviv is my hometown.

Working to end public injection can bring Kensington together | Opinion

The effort to end public injection is a fight for the humanity of homeless people in addiction and the children who walk by them on the way to school.

Larry Krasner moves Philadelphia beyond ‘eye-for-an-eye’ on murder | Opinion

Krasner is leading the charge as one of the only DAs in the country who does not limit his reform to the prosecution of nonviolent crimes — including murder.

Jeff Sessions’ turbulent tenure as attorney general, as seen by cartoonists | Opinion

Throughout Sessions' 16 months in the Justice Department, cartoonists captured every pivotal moment.