I'm a bilingual, award-winning journalist and a multiplatform whiz, reporting on the Latino experience in the Philadelphia region. I explore the transnational relationship between diasporic communities and Latinos born in the U.S., and the effects of health, environment, religion, culture, politics, education and finance.

Latest Stories

Philly Venezuelans gather at Sister Cities Park to remember fallen leaders

Local Venezuelans protest Nicolas Maduro's regime and honored fallen leaders of the opposition.

Rutgers makes a push for competent Spanish-speaking health professionals in Camden

In a city with about 30,000 Spanish speakers, Camden offers a laboratory for Rutgers University’s Spanish for Health Professions.

Where did announcer Rickie Ricardo get his ‘¡No, señor!’ call for Sunday’s Eagles win?

My calling is ‘¡Sí, señor! -- Yes, sir!,’ when in a field goal the ball hits in the right direction. Last night was the opposite.

A weekend-long celebration for Día de los Reyes Magos — Three Kings' Day

The celebration -- where families exchange gifts, have dinner and dance at live musical performances -- marks the visit of three kings.

How to prepare Philly and Puerto Rico for the next climate disaster? Penn Design students took on the challenge.

The design school worked to provide a better response to communities affected by natural disasters here and on the island.

Dominican association’s bodega owner promises to stop selling toy guns - and asks others to do the same

After a video went viral of a grandfather demanding a West Philly bodega stop selling toy guns, a representative of the Dominican Grocery Association of Philadelphia said he'd stop carrying them -- and asked the other 1,500 city grocery stores owned by the Dominican community to do the same.

Made In Philly: Young residents shaping local communities

These are the people who make Philly what it is, and are driving change for the future.

Mexico awards a Norristown group for improving the lives of Mexican Americans

The Ohtli Award honors those who open a path for others or who have bettered the lives of Mexicans living abroad.

Why Philadelphia hosted anti-deportation training for Latino workers

A look inside the city's new initiative to empower and educate immigrant workers.

Philly Mexican Consulate dedicates altar for the victims of Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life shooting

Among the fruits and calacas and the pan de muertos traditionally used in a Mexican Day of the Dead altar, there was a menorah, a Star of David, and 11 portraits of the victims of last week's shooting at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue.