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You didn’t win a TV. Philly car dealer’s ‘Money Carlo’ ad tricks consumers into thinking they win big prizes

A flyer from a Philadelphia car dealer has duped consumers this week into thinking they’ve won free TVs and tablets, only to go home with gift cards for coupons – and maybe a car.

DuckDuckGo acquires “” from Google

DuckDuckGo complained in July that Google-owned and redirected the link to Google search. That “consistently confuses DuckDuckGo users,” the company said at the time.

Jeep Cherokee transmission settlement could be a clunker for consumers

Plaintiffs lawyers and consumer advocates now warn that a proposed settlement to the case would be a bad deal for certain Fiat Chrysler owners, who could potentially earn much more money by bringing individual claims.

Google gave users different search results for gun control, immigration, DuckDuckGo says

The rival search engine based in Paoli said 76 people across the U.S. saw 62 different sets of search results for “gun control,” despite being logged out and in Google’s private browsing mode.

Groceries price comparison finds that Whole Foods, Acme are the most expensive in Philly area

Wegmans prices, by contrast, were 3 percent below average while 90 percent of its customers called the store superior, making it the highest-rated in the region.

N.J., Pa. settle with Encore Capital over alleged deceptive debt collection practices

Encore agreed to a $6M settlement in cases involving alleged deceptive debt collection and litigation practices.

Experts warn toys with mics and cameras could be spying on your children

Many new toys are equipped with cameras and are linked to the internet, raising concerns that they are collecting information on children without permission.

N.J. lawmakers advance bill to ban cashless stores

The bill would make New Jersey the second state to prohibit retailers from refusing to accept cash and the first since 1978.

Here are some of the biggest challenges facing Philly’s small businesses

Inadequate loading zones, online shopping habits and lack of skilled labor were among the grievances aired on Small Business Saturday.

Free parking! Philadelphia Parking Authority gets into the holiday spirit.

Street parking will be free citywide on Saturdays after 11 a.m. Drivers can also pay an $8 flat-rate at six garages.