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Researchers call for oversight of burgeoning brain stimulation market

Researchers say there's not enough evidence that brain stimulation devices, games and apps are effective. Consumers need help.

Homeless baby boomers a fast-growing presence in U.S. cities

Experts suggest that spending more on housing and services for this fragile population could save money in the long run.

A Delaware County lawyer makes his Parkinson’s part of his campaign for judge

Mike Farrell sees his disease as a potential plus for a judge.

Is alcohol sabotaging your diet?

A new study from Penn Nursing found better weight-loss results for non-drinking dieters.

Researchers define six types of Alzheimer’s disease. Why that matters to you.

A new study suggests the underlying biology of Alzheimer's may be different for patients with different symptoms.

President Trump is almost due for his annual physical. What would an executive get?

Executives can get a lot of testing done in one visit. It's not easy to figure out when they have to disclose what doctors tell them.

A Penn State project helps young and old people talk — and cry — with each other

What would happen if you asked a young person and an old one to talk — really talk, with an open heart, about their fears, their assumptions, their hopes?

What do dying people really talk about at the end of life?

Patients are often worried about their families.

SEPTA bus collides with two vehicles in Port Richmond; injuries reported

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Woman found dead inside burning duplex in Media

Multiple agencies are investigating the Sunday morning apartment fire.