I'm the national opinion columnist — and I have some strong opinions about what's happening in America, including social injustice, income inequality and, especially, Donald Trump.

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The GOP’s war on democracy makes an unwelcome stop in Pennsylvania | Will Bunch

Democrat Lindsey Williams, winner of the November election in a Pittsburgh-area state Senate district, has come under fire from GOP Senate leaders who question her residency.


America knew how to deal with a crook like Spiro Agnew. Why is Trump so hard? | Will Bunch

In 1973, both parties couldn't abide a crook in the Oval Office. Times have changed.


Is France showing us what America’s next civil war will look like? | Will Bunch

Paris is burning. Are the French protests a roadmap for an American civil war?

George H.W. Bush was a family man and war hero who gave America its horribly destructive politics | Will Bunch

Part of George H.W. Bush's legacy is the dirty, racially charged 1988 campaign that made his president.

In 1970s, workers at this GM plant tried to reinvent the American Dream. Instead, they watched it fade away | Will Bunch

Workers at Ohio GM plant rebelled against alienation on the job — then saw their jobs vanish instead.

Could Paul Manafort, Julian Assange bombshell be the beginning of the end for Trump? | Will Bunch

A report in the Guardian suggests that Trump's frequent claims of 'no collusion' are not true.

Oil is the poison that burns Paradise, kills Kashshoggi, inflames Paris. When will we quit? | Will Bunch

Wildfires, riots, even immoral politics are drenched in oil. This needs to change … or else.

Dems can surrender to misogyny, bullying — or keep Nancy Pelosi | Will Bunch

Dems need to grow a spine and rally for Pelosi, who gets the job done.

Why the blood of a 1955 Mississippi murder drenches today’s U.S. Senate race | Will Bunch

The ghost of a 1955 Mississippi murder hovers over today's voter suppression in the South.

Philly dodged a ‘prosperity bomb’ when Amazon didn’t pick us. Be very grateful. | Will Bunch

Losing out on Amazon gives Philly a chance to get it right as a 21st Century American city.