Michaelle Bond is a Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer covering local and state government bureaucracy.

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Could airport delays speed up the end of government shutdown?

“It’s a fair question whether this might be the kind of thing that might apply pressure to end the shutdown," said Seth Kaplan, editor of the commercial aviation publication Airline Weekly.

More than 4,100 federal workers have applied for unemployment benefits in Pa. and N.J. since the government shutdown

Last Friday, more than 800,000 federal workers nationwide did not receive their paychecks. But when the shutdown ends, they will be required to repay any unemployment benefits.

N.J. bill would treat government shutdown like a natural disaster to help federal workers pay their property taxes

A bill New Jersey lawmakers introduced this week would create a grace period for federal workers who aren’t getting paid during the government shutdown to pay their property taxes — similar to the cushion of time allowed after natural disasters.

Trump administration’s attempt to add citizenship question to 2020 Census is unlawful, federal judge rules

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Philadelphia are among the states, cities, and counties that sued the Trump administration to challenge the citizenship question, which they fear will deter residents from answering and depress their population counts.

For state treasuries, it was a very good year, with 40 states reporting surpluses

Four out of five states, including New Jersey, collected more revenue in their general funds than they anticipated in fiscal year 2018 — the highest number of states in a dozen years. States are saving more for the next recession.

What if the government shutdown goes on, and on, and on ...

Friday marks the 21st day of the federal government shutdown — a tie for the longest in U.S. history — and the first day that employees will be missing a payday.

Government shutdown could hurt area domestic-violence shelters and services, operators say

As the federal government shutdown continues, programs that rely on federal funds to aid vulnerable populations are starting to worry. That includes shelters women turn to when they face violence at home. Some area domestic violence shelters say they could have to cut back services.

Federal workers not getting paid spur jump in Pennsylvania unemployment benefits, auditor general says

Applications for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania were up nearly 850 percent in the last week of December compared to the same week the year before, thanks to a surge in requests from federal workers not getting paid during the federal government shutdown, state officials said Tuesday.

Dumpers and litterers, watch out! Philly hikes scrutiny, fines in a bid to clean up worst blocks

As of Friday, 84 blocks and larger stretches of streets are officially "litter enforcement corridors," where the city will install cameras and triple fines for littering and illegal dumping.

Could New Jersey’s government go paperless?

A couple of New Jersey legislators introduced a bill this month that would create a task force to study whether going paperless is feasible.