John Baer has written about politics and government for the Daily News since 1987. Neither subject ever fails to provide him with stories of policies and politicians walking on or skirting by paths to perdition.

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Some rare not-so-terrible news about Pennsylvania | John Baer

A new national survey of states says Pennsylvania, after years of decline, is actually getting better.


Doing some holiday driving in Pennsylvania? This column won’t brighten your spirits.

Holiday travel is a reminder of Pennsylvania's bad record (and bad policy) when it comes to infrastructure.

Gov. Wolf’s redistricting reform v. political reality | John Baer

A new effort to fight Pennsylvania's gerrymandering is already meeting with partisan opposition.

Pennsylvania lawmakers, judges, others get pay raises — because it’s that time of the year | John Baer

Their annual salaries go up automatically. Too bad their governing skills don't do the same.

Meet Pennsylvania’s new House leader, straight outta’ Peach Bottom, Lancaster County

Bryan Cutler will lead a smaller but more conservative GOP majority than his predecessor. He tells us what Philadelphia and its suburbs might expect in the new legislative session.

New book on Trump’s ‘enemies’ arriving just in time | John Baer

Two Trump pals write to the rescue at a key moment in the President's term.

Bob Casey for President? Hmm. | John Baer

Casey says he's thinking about running for president. He faces long odds and maybe even historical bias.

A group of conservative lawyers (including Tom Ridge) is calling out Trump’s view of the law | John Baer

In the interest of the Constitution and the rule of law in the age of Trump, a bunch of right-leaning lawyers push for checks and balances.

Two of my readers offer thought-provoking insight into our politics and our rights | John Baer

Before, during and after elections are the best times to think about our rights, our votes and how we use them.

What will Gov. Wolf’s second term look like? | John Baer

Gov. Wolf's first term included lots of rough going with the legislature. Lately things are better. Does that presage a smoother ride Wolf's second time around?