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Carson Wentz broke a bone in his back. Here’s what that could mean.

The Eagles quarterback is expected to heal with rest, but surgeons say such injuries can vary widely in severity.

Franklin Institute award winners include two Nobel laureates

The eight winners are to be announced Monday and presented at a ceremony in April.

Polio-like illness may have peaked, CDC says

The rare illness mostly strikes children. It has been confirmed in eight patients in Pennsylvania this year and nine in New Jersey.

Vaccine rules under fire from state lawmakers

From 2011 to 2017, New Jersey lawmakers proposed 24 bills that would weaken vaccination requirements — the most of any state.

Crack that caused a fatal Southwest engine failure was missed six years ago

An engine fan blade tore off, leading to an April 17 emergency landing in Philadelphia and the death of one passenger.

Temple student’s answer to the stress of med school? Cartoons

A 4th-year student at Temple's med school, Mai Stewart has drawn 10,000 Instagram followers with her medical-themed humor.

Cell phones and computer code: Awards go to Bell Labs pioneers

James E. West, co-inventor of the electret microphone, and Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of the programming language C++, receive the Scott Award on Friday in Philadelphia.

Polio-like illness strikes 10 more, CDC says

Eight cases of acute flaccid myelitis have been identified in Pennsylvania, and four in New Jersey.

Black people more likely to die of sudden cardiac arrest, but why?

The disparity could not be explained by any differences in income, education, health insurance, or lifestyle.

‘Polio-like’ illness strikes two more in PA, NJ

Seven patients in Pennsylvania and four in New Jersey have been diagnosed this year with acute flaccid myelitis.