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Dad’s viral photo sparks call for more diaper-changing tables in public men’s restrooms

This may not be a huge issue but it really is a matter of equity. It’s right up there with the need for women to have private spaces to nurse their babies that aren’t also public restrooms.


Um, it’s a little too soon to party just yet, Vanessa Lowery Brown | Jenice Armstrong

The convicted Pa. state representative should resign from her House seat — and then celebrate with her family and friends all she wants.

Fired CNN commentator says remarks on Middle East are being misconstrued | Jenice Armstrong

Hill's troubles with the Atlanta-based cable network began Wednesday following his appearance at a United Nations event for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. During his remarks, among other things, he called for a "free Palestine from the river to the sea."

Chicken Bone Beach is a reminder of how people find joy even in hard times | Jenice Armstrong

Since blacks weren't permitted to dine in restaurants, they would bring fried chicken, which wouldn't spoil quickly, to the beach. Workers had the task of picking up the discarded bones. They're the ones who nicknamed the area Chicken Bone Beach.

It never gets easy, says mom who just lost her third son to gun violence | Jenice Armstrong

Rohquan Garner was just 9 when he lost his two older brothers to street violence. Then, he was killed in a hail of bullets on Oct. 31. He was just 18.

Northeast Philly man’s Gritty butt tattoo is a fitting tribute to Flyers’ new mascot | Jenice Armstrong

James Kirn's tattoo of Gritty's face covers practically his whole left cheek.

For baby whose body was found in woods, mother plans touching last goodbye | Jenice Armstrong

Brooke Barnes, Alina's mother, envisions setting up the church sanctuary so the front resembles a toddler's bedroom/play area. She wants to incorporate little Alina's toys, clothes and books along with photos from her daughter's too brief life.

Black cops to fellow officers: Go see the new movie, 'The Hate U Give'

"We're hopeful that the screening of The Hate U Give will help officers understand some of the realities many face in disenfranchised communities," said G. Lamar Stewart, vice president of the National Black Police Association, the Greater Philadelphia Chapter in a text message.

Fan's sexy outfit shouldn't have been cause for a foul at Sixers game

Security doesn't get to deny a woman's admittance to a basketball game because officials don't like her outfit.

In #MeToo era, let’s not forget survivors of domestic violence | Jenice Armstrong

The #MeToo Movement became a thing a year ago in the aftermath of widespread abuse allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, but we still don't hear a lot about domestic violence.