Rocky statue closed for 2 weeks

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Tourists visit the Rocky statue during construction of the NFL draft stage in April. Now, it is the statue that will be closed to the public.

It’s been a rough spring for Rocky tourists in Philadelphia.

The iconic Rocky steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art were blocked-off to residents and visitors during the monthlong set up for the NFL draft. The tear-down from the April event briefly left the statue of the fictional boxer at the base of the museum fenced-off and inaccessible. In Kensington, the pet store featured in the films as Adrian’s workplace was abruptly demolished.

And now, the Rocky Balboa statue is closed again, the latest cordoning off of the site from the Philadelphia-set film franchise.

As of Tuesday, the area immediately surrounding the statue at the top of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is closed to the public for two weeks so improvements can be made to the site, according to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The department said those enhancements would involve replacing paving and perimeter protection.

People will not be able to get close to the statue and take photographs with it during the two-week period, officials said.

While the popular selfie spot is closed, visitors will still be able to run up the 72 Art Museum stairs for a Rocky-style arm raise. For fans heading to Philadelphia during the statue’s closure, here are suggestions of other Rocky-themed sites to see.

The closure was announced Friday, and the statue remained accessible over Memorial Day weekend.