The newsroom

Welcome to our newsroom. We're the journalists of the Philadelphia Media Network, but you know us better as the people behind The Inquirer, the Daily News and We've recently reorganized our beats and coverage teams to ensure that we're focused on the issues, ideas and institutions that matter most to people of our region. Here's what we're covering and how to reach us.

Power & Policy Editor
John Martin
Deputy Editor, Power & Policy
Yvette Ousley
Politics & Governing Editor
Tom Fitzgerald
Justice & Injustice Editor
David Lee Preston
Policy & Solutions Editor
Tony Wood

Politics & Governing

John Baer
I write a column usually focused on Pennsylvania issues and politics.
Chris Brennan
Philadelphia Politics
I write about people, power and politics.
Angela Couloumbis
Money & Politics
I cover state government and politics in the Pennsylvania Capitol, chronicling the policies that impact people’s lives and pocketbooks – and the personalities, money and special interests behind them.
Holly Otterbein
I cover politics and government in the Philadelphia region. I also report on all things outrageous, hilarious and bizarre in the political world for the 'Clout' column.
Andrew Seidman
Power Brokers
I cover politics in the Philadelphia region, focusing on power brokers.
Jonathan Tamari
National Politics
I cover national politics and policy from Washington D.C., with a focus on Pennsylvania and New Jersey lawmakers and issues.
Claudia Vargas
Agency Accountability
My reporting focuses on holding government, political and related agencies accountable.


Kathy Boccella
I cover schools in the Philadelphia region with a strong focus on innovation and trends.
Kristen Graham
Urban Education, Philadelphia Schools
I'm the urban education writer, with a focus on the vast, complicated Philadelphia School District and issues facing schools in cities across the region and beyond.
Susan Snyder
Higher Education
I cover higher education issues and trends, focusing on major universities in our region.

Justice & Injustice

Mensah M. Dean
Unjust Systems
I focus on corruption and wrongdoing in the public and private sectors, shining light on the perpetrators and victims.
Chris Palmer
Violent Crimes, Community Impact
I cover violent crime, the impact it has on communities, why it persists, and what police are doing to combat it.
Jeremy Roebuck
Power and Corruption
I cover public corruption, white-collar crime and the criminal misuse of power by celebrities, elected officials and others who despite having been given a leg-up in life are still willing to break the law in pursuit of more.
Julie Shaw
I write primarily about crime, with a focus on victims.

Policy & Solutions

Michaelle Bond
I untangle bureaucracies at the state and local levels and cover how government works — or doesn't.
Maddie Hanna
I focus on economic equity issues, including school funding and affordable housing.
Jonathan Lai
I cover issues related to rights and explore our changing understanding of them. Topics include freedom of expression, gerrymandering, and digital privacy and security.
Laura McCrystal
I cover everything about taxes, government revenue, and people affected by tax policies in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.
Justine McDaniel
I cover vices — gambling, marijuana, liquor — looking at policies, needs, and solutions.

Staff Writers

TyLisa Johnson
General Assignment
I write about people, social issues and inequity in marginalized, minority and otherwise forgotten groups and communities.
News Features Editor
Daniel Rubin
Deputy Editor, News Features
Cathy Rubin
News Features Coverage Editor
Kathy Hacker
News Features Coverage Editor
Cindy Henry

Metro Columnists

Jenice Armstrong
I'm a metro columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News covering mostly local topics but sometimes weighing in on national news as well.
Stu Bykofsky
I cover things and people that make Philadelphia what it is, with occasional forays into hot-button issues beyond the city limits.
Mike Newall
I write scenes and stories of a city. Its beauty. Its cruelties. Its backbone. Its struggles. Its hypocrisy. Its charm. Stories about us.
Helen Ubiñas
My metro columns highlight voices and stories that should be amplified and challenge the status-quo and the dreaded Philly Shrug. Let's talk.

Urbanism & Built Environment

Jacob Adelman
Commercial Real Estate
I write about the intersection of money, culture and politics in building the spaces where the Philadelphia region lives, works and plays.
Jason Laughlin
I write about every aspect of transportation in our region, from covering transit agencies to the business of ride share to how modes of travel shape the way people live.
Caitlin McCabe
Real Estate
I write about what's happening in residential real estate in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs ― everything from housing trends to new development to the weird and problematic parts of owning or renting a home.
Inga Saffron
Critic, Built Environment
If someone builds it in the Philadelphia area, I'll write about it.

Identity & Values

Samantha Melamed
I report on social justice, criminal justice and the lives of Philadelphians, from the streets, the prisons and the bars.
Valerie Russ
I'm part of a team of reporters writing about race, gender, identity and values.

Changing Region

Jesenia De Moya Correa
Latino Communities
I'm reporting on the Latino experience and complexity in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. I explore the transnational relationship between diasporic communities and Latinos born in the US, regarding health, environment, religion, culture, politics, education and finance within the Americas and the Caribbean."
Jeff Gammage
Immigration and Demographics
I cover immigration ― the people, the issues, the conflicts.
Alfred Lubrano
Class & Poverty
I cover aspects of poverty, wealth, and the middle class relating to both economic and social issues.
Julia Terruso
Neighborhoods & Gentrification
I’m interested in the characters, places, tensions and issues across the myriad neighborhoods in Philadelphia and the region. What makes where you live unique? What’s changing for better or worse?
Tommy Rowan
Philly History
I'm on the Philly History beat, writing about local legends and city lore.

Modern Life

Kristin E. Holmes
I cover faith and spirituality.
Jason Nark
Rural and Exurban Life
I write stories about rural and exurban areas, the places where development meets farmland and farms meet the great outdoors.
Anna Orso
Modern Life
I write about contemporary culture and social dynamics, examining how we live, work and talk to each other in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.
Juliana Reyes
Modern Life
I cover what it’s like to live and work in the Philadelphia region, with an eye toward workers, corporations and labor.
Cassie Owens
Modern Life
I cover cultural trends – from the individuals who set them to the larger social movements that are altering the Philadelphia experience. Quite often, that means zoning in on the real-life impacts of changing expectations for technology and community.
Regions Editor
Julie Busby
Weekend Editor
Diane Mastrull
South Jersey Editor
Nancy Phillips
Breaking News Editor
Francisco Delgado

Pennsylvania Suburbs

Erin McCarthy
I cover suburban news with a focus on issues affecting residents of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Bucks counties.
Katie Park
I cover the people, places and things in Philadelphia’s suburbs.
Maria Panaritis
I'm the columnist who writes about Pennsylvania and its most populated region – the political battleground Philadelphia suburbs – with a bullseye on any story that cuts through the noise and gives you the real deal.

South Jersey

Barbara Boyer
I have a beat without boundaries covering local and regional stories including crime, animals, beach closings and beyond.
Melanie Burney
I am a general assignment reporter in South Jersey, writing about just about things that happen in the region, from education to farming . I am also an avid storyteller and love writing about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, from a 96-year-old grandmother who earned a GED to an inner city kid who overcame tremendous obstacles to pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor.
Jan Hefler
I report on the news and people in New Jersey with a focus on the roller-coaster cannabis story, profiles of unusual characters, court rulings that have an impact on people’s lives and vanishing open spaces in the Garden State.
Kevin Riordan
My column is about what makes life in urban, suburban, and rural South Jersey interesting.
Amy S. Rosenberg
Jersey Shore
I am based at the Jersey shore and write about Atlantic City, beach culture, local politics and power grabs. I also sometime go to Philly for stories.

Breaking News

Robert Moran
I cover breaking news at night in the Philadelphia region.

Staff Writers

Bonnie Cook
Obituary Storyteller
I write the life stories of the movers and shakers in the Philly area and South Jersey who have died.
Managing Editor, Sports
Pat McLoone
Sports Editor
Gary Potosky
Assistant Sports Editor, Rally
Gary Miles


Bob Ford
I am a general sports columnist, and am always looking for topics of local interest that go beyond the scores and the stats.
Marcus Hayes
I provide context and perspective.
David Murphy
I write opinion and analysis pieces, with a heavy emphasis on the four professional sports teams.
Mike Sielski
I'm one of our sports columnists, just trying to say insightful things and tell interesting stories.


Zach Berman
I cover the Philadelphia Eagles, focusing 12 months a year on the the team, the games, the offseason activity, and the hard-to-find stories that make the Eagles so compelling to fans in the Philadelphia region and around the globe.
Les Bowen
I try to write engagingly about the Eagles, with perspective and depth; someday I might actually succeed.
Paul Domowitch
I'm part of the four-person team that covers the Eagles.
Jeff McLane
I objectively report and write about the Eagles.


Matt Breen
I cover the Phillies from the majors to the minors.
Bob Brookover
I am part of the Phillies' coverage team.
Scott Lauber
I write about all things Phillies. I have covered Major League Baseball since 2006.


Keith Pompey
As the Sixers beat reporter, I provide daily coverage, perspective, a social media presence and long-form takeout pieces about one the NBA's young emerging teams.
Sarah Todd
I cover the 76ers.


Sam Carchidi
I cover the never-boring Philadelphia Flyers as they seek their elusive third Stanley Cup — and first since 1975.
Sam Donnellon
I report on all manner of sports topics, with an emphasis on hockey.


Joe Juliano
My primary beats are covering Penn State football and Villanova basketball, but I also cover the Big 5, local golf and the Penn Relays.
Marc Narducci
I cover Temple football and basketball and general assignment sports.
John Smallwood
My primary focus is covering the Villanova basketball beat.

High Schools/Rally

Phil Anastasia
South Jersey
I'm on the South Jersey sports beat, writing mostly about high school sports.
Aaron Carter
Southeastern Pennsylvania
You can find me at the intersection of life and high school sports.
Rick O'Brien
Southeastern Pennsylvania
I cover high school sports in Southeastern Pennsylvania, with a focus on football, boys' basketball, and baseball.

Staff Writers

Ed Barkowitz
General Assignment, Digital
General assignment sports writer who won his fantasy league when Mike Anderson ran for 15 TDs in 2000.
DeArbea Walker
General Assignment, Digital
I cover high school sports, college basketball, and general assignment.
Jonathan Tannenwald
I cover the world's game with a local perspective, from the Union to the U.S. national teams and beyond.

Enterprise & Projects

Frank Fitzpatrick
I'm a columnist and general assignment reporter focusing on sports enterprise, projects and features. My Sunday column, 'Frank’s Place', examines Philadelphia’s rich sports history.
Mike Jensen
I write enterprise stories across the sports landscape and college columns.


Katie McInerney
Lifestyle & Arts Editor
Molly Eichel
Deputy Editor, Lifestyle & Arts
Alison Smith
Arts & Institutions Editor
Becky Batcha

Pop Culture

Dan DeLuca
Music & Nightlife
I cover pop music, from what's happening in the local scene to national trends and touring acts.
Ellen Gray
Entertainment Media
I write about television, and occasionally other media, with an eye toward starting (or joining) conversations about what we watch, and why.
Gary Thompson
I review movies and cover movie-related news in the region.
Nick Vadala
Celebrity & Internet Culture
I write about celebrities and Internet culture.

Fine Arts

Peter Dobrin
Business of the Arts
As a music critic, I review classical concerts and the occasional recording. As business of the arts reporter, I write about the financial health of the arts and culture sector.
Stephan Salisbury
Museums & Culture
I write about the exploding cultural life of the city, how it is presented in museums and on stages and how people experience it.
John Timpane
General Assignment
I cover Philly's vibrant theater community, and its scintillating literary world; I also report across all the arts in this city of arts.

Food & Dining

Michael Klein
Food News
I cover the food and restaurant scene in the Philadelphia region — but the business and people aspect much more than the food itself.
Craig LaBan
Restaurant Critic
As restaurant critic and Drink columnist, I cover the culture of Philly food as I chronicle the rise of our culinary stars, the decline of some, and the dramatic evolution of a dining scene that shapes emerging neighborhoods and helps define our region's identity, one plate at a time.
Allison Steele
Food & Booze Culture
I write about food and alcohol, and how what we eat is defining and changing the culture in Philadelphia and the region.

Staff Writers

Elizabeth Wellington
Lifestyle columnist
My column is a personal take on the way we live and how we style our lives.
Bethany Ao
City Life
I cover what's currently going on in Philadelphia's art and culture scenes, and how you can be a part of it.
Grace Dickinson
City Life
I write about the arts and culture scene in Philadelphia, as well as food trends that are applicable to the local region.​


Kristen Balderas
I focus on producing digital content, like videos, photos and graphics, for the arts and entertainment desk.
Business & Economy Editor
Karl Stark
Business Coverage Editor
John V. Smith

Staff Writers

Erin Arvedlund
I cover money and personal finance, investing and local companies
Harold Brubaker
Meds, Eds and Nonprofits
I cover the business side of health care, higher education, and the broader nonprofit sector, with occasional forays into the food and alcoholic beverage industries.
Joseph N. DiStefano
Columnist, Business News & Philly Ticker
I write columns and the PhillyDeals blog, about public and private investments in the area and of national interest
Catherine Dunn
Business & Power
I cover the intersection of corporate interests and government – and stories about policymaking and court cases that affect regular people.
Bob Fernandez
I cover the epic story of Comcast Corp. and how it is transforming the American telecom and media landscape, and continue to report on the charitable Hershey Trust.
Christian Hetrick
I cover consumer issues and help readers save a buck.
Diane Mastrull
Small Business & Startups
I cover the region's exciting and thriving small-business and start-up communities, highlighting interesting companies and trends.
Andrew Maykuth
I cover energy and utilities, including the Marcellus Shale, renewables and refineries.
Ellie Silverman
I cover the interesting world of retail and anything people buy.
Sam Wood
The Commerce of Cannabis
I cover drugs, legal and illegal, and emerging technologies.
Health & Science Editor
Charlotte Sutton
Health & Science Coverage Editor
Kelly O'Shea

Staff Writers

Tom Avril
I write about scientific research in the Philly region, with an emphasis on findings that can impact our everyday lives.
Stacey Burling
Boomers & Beyond
I cover aging, neurology, caregiving and other medical topics that interest me.
Sarah Gantz
Health Care Costs
I write about health care costs, health insurance and other barriers to accessing care.
Rita Giordano
Healthy Kids & Families
I write and report on health issues — emotional, mental and physical — involving kids and families. That includes pets because they're family, too.
Frank Kummer
I cover the environment, with an emphasis on its impact on real people.
Marie C. McCullough
As a medical reporter, I've covered everything from anthrax to zoonotic diseases. Now I specialize in cancer and women's health issues.
Aneri Pattani
Millennial Health
I cover health in young people – that means millennials and much more – with an emphasis on mental health
Mari A. Schaefer
I write about wellness, including topics like food safety, fitness, dental health, nutrition and other subjects that make up healthy living.
Aubrey Whelan
I cover the opioid epidemic in the Philadelphia region.
Deputy Managing Editor, Investigations
James Neff
Investigations Strike Team Editor
Chris Hepp

Investigative Reporters

Jessica Calefati
I’m an investigative reporter who wants to shine light where there’s darkness. Tell me your story.
Lisa Gartner
I’m a reporter on the investigations team. I write long-term, deep-dive stories to create much-needed changes in the local community.
Barbara Laker
I'm a reporter on the investigations team who digs deep into a host of topics, hoping to break new ground and uncover injustices.
Craig McCoy
I'm a veteran investigative reporter. In that role, I've looked into political corruption, corporate and nonprofit scandals, sexual abuse and a host of other significant and fascinating areas.
Wendy Ruderman
I am a reporter on the investigations team, taking deep dives on a variety of topics with an eye towards shedding light on a problem and examining possible solutions.

Quick Strike Team

William Bender
Whistleblowers are my friends. The best conversations start with, 'I shouldn't be telling you this, but ... '
Tricia Nadolny
I'm an investigative reporter focused on watchdog journalism.

Access Reporter

Mark Fazlollah
I'm an investigative reporter writing about local and national issues.

Data Reporter

Nathaniel Lash
I'm a reporter on the investigations team using data to better understand how government agencies and those in power operate.​
Dylan Purcell
I'm an investigative reporter specializing in data-related projects.


David Gambacorta
I work on narrative-driven longform stories, profiles and projects.
Assistant Managing Editor / Managing Producer
Jessica Parks
Coverage Editor, Express Desk
Emily Babay
Breaking News Editor
Joseph Gambardello

Staff Writers

Michael Boren
Identity & Values
I write about social justice and explore how race, gender, sexuality, and class shape our lives in uneven ways.
Stephanie Farr
Philly Culture
I write about the people, places, things, and ideas that make Philly and its suburbs weird, wild, and wonderfully unique.
Rob Tornoe
National Buzz
I cover the media and national stories that have interest in Philly. I also draw sports cartoons.


T.J. Furman
Josh Mellman
David Ralis
Addam Schwartz
Patricia Madej
Brandon Harden
Astrid Rodrigues
Managing Editor, Opinion
Sandra Shea
Coverage Editor
Erica Palan


Will Bunch
I'm the national opinion columnist — and I have some strong opinions about what's happening in America, including social injustice, income inequality and, especially, Donald Trump.
Ronnie Polaneczky
Digital Opinion
As a columnist working in the digital-opinion group, I take on advocacy projects, which will include public events to bring real names, faces and experiences to the issues the columns cover. The goal: engagement and change.
Trudy Rubin
Foreign Affairs
I write the 'Worldview' column that tries to make sense of the world's chaos and conflicts as they affect Americans at home.

Editorial Writer

Cynthia Burton

Staff Writers

Abraham Gutman
I write about social justice issues such as the drug crisis, policing, mass incarceration, and residential segregation. I am passionate about evidence-based and data driven opinions.
Managing Editor, Audience
Kim Fox
Audience Development Manager
Ross Maghielse
Analytics Editor
Martin Quigley
SEO editor
Joshua Rosenblat
Newsletter Editor
Aubrey Nagle
Social Video Editor
Lauren Schneiderman

Audience Engagement Editors

Ray Boyd
Tauhid Chappell
Oona Goodwin-Smith
Visuals Editor
Frank Wiese
Photo Director
Michael Mercanti
Graphics Editor
John Duchneskie
Digital Photo Production Editor
Alejandro Alvarez

Graphic Artist

Jon Snyder


Michael Bryant
Steve Falk
Charles Fox
Tom Gralish
Jessica Griffin
Heather Khalifa
Yong Kim
David Maialetti
Elizabeth Robertson
David Swanson
Tim Tai
Jose Moreno

Digital Storytelling Specialists

Ellen Dunkel
Garland Potts
Jared Whalen
Deputy Managing Editor, Sunday
Stephen Glynn
Deputy Managing Editor, Editing & Standards
Brian Leighton
Assistant Managing Editor, Editing
David Sullivan
Senior Print Coordinator
Richard C. Barron
Senior Print Coordinator
Joe Berkery
Senior Print Coordinator
Keith Petersen
Lead Print Coordinator
Christine Sherman

Print Coordinators

Ann Applegate
Lissa Atkins
George Carter
Nicholas Cristiano
Douglas Darroch
Lidija Dorjkhand
Gina Esposito-Gilbert
Donna M. Hendricks
Chris Kupferer
Mark Perner
Luke Reasoner
William Reed
Roslyn Rudolph
Todd Shaner
Scott Sturgis
James Swan
Reid Tuvim
Deborah Woodell

News Designers

Sterling Chen
Cynthia Greer
Denise Harper
Amy Junod
Susan Syrnick

Finance and Administration Manager

Helene Glowienka

Editorial Assistants

Barry Zukerman
Kamala Boyer
Sherelle McZeal

Executive Editor / Senior Vice President

Stan Wischnowski

Editor / Vice President

Gabriel Escobar

Editor / Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

Michael Days

Managing Editors

Patrick Kerkstra
Kim FoxAudience
Pat McLooneSports
Sandra SheaOpinion

Deputy Managing Editors

Michelle BjorkOperations & Projects
Stephen GlynnSunday
James NeffInvestigations
Brian LeightonEditing & Standards